Japanese language course

Japanese Language Course

Do you want to improve your Japanese language skills and find a job in Japan?
Why don't you come here and study with us?
That is the fastest and certain way to make your dream come true!

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Minister of Justice notification school

School Feature

Preliminary education for student who are thinking of going to university or vocational school

We have been educating Japanese learning for which aim at the entrance into the university or vocational school and going to carry out the education in the class according to the level of students. The guidance is performed periodically and teacher in charge will be guide on course for each student.

Various events where you can experience Japanese culture

The curriculum of Japanese Language course is provided school events which experienced to the traditional culture of Japan and history of Kochi not only in the classroom, but also out of school.

Educational system for internal students

There are 22departments in Ryoma Gakuen which constitute from 3 colleges. After graduation, if you fulfill certain conditions you will be able to progress to next grade in school within college of Ryoma Gakuen educational group.

Interaction with Japanese students

There are many courses in College of International Design and Beauty. And many Japanese students are learning. You will be able to enjoy conversation and exchange with Japanese students by join the event naturally because they are studying in same campus.

Courses Offered and Admission Capacity

Course Terms Admission Capacity Visa
2 - Year Course
(Starting April)

1st Term Apr - Sep 20
College Student
2nd Term Oct - Mar
3rd Term Apr - Sep
4th Term Oct - Mar
1.5 -Year Course
(Starting October)

1st Term Oct - Mar 20 College Student
2nd Term Apr - Sep
3rd Term Oct - Mar

Tuition Fees


April Starter October Starter
2Year Course 1.5 Year Course
1st Payment *Before Entrance Covers 1Year t2nd Payment
Covers 1Year

1st Payment
*Before Entrance
Covers 1Year

2nd Payment
Covers 6Months

Deadline of Payment Within 2 weeks from
COE notification

March 20th
(End of 1st Grade)

With in 2 weeks from
COE notification

September 20th
(Graduate year)

Administration Fee 40,000 40,000
Tuition Fee 540,000 540,000 540,000 270,000
Material Fee
t(text book, activity,
health checkup)
100,000 100,000 150,000 0
Total 680,000 640,000 730,000 270,000
Grand Total 1,320,000 1,000,000

[単位:円]Unit: JPY

Application Procedure

Summit Application Form(No.13Application Form)to college by deadline.
Pay Application Fee JPY 20,000 by deadline.
Please use transfer for payment (※Reference1)
Application information and guidance can be downloaded from follwing.
please use applicant's name(student's name)for payment.
Applicant is responsible for paying any costs associated with this transfer.

※This fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.


Bank Name, Branch Name Shikoku Bank, Yosakoisaito Branch
Address, Phone Number of Bank 1-2-3 Shinhonmachi, Kochi-city, JAPAN
Phone Number +81-88-822-5566
Branch Number 106
Account Number 0538297
Name of depositor Gakkou Houjin Ryoma Gakuen
Address of depositor, Phone Number 1-12-6 Kitahonmachi, Kochi-city, 780-0056, JAPAN
Phone Number +81-88-875-0099

Eligibility Criteria

Have more than 12-years of compulsory education,or have completed other programs equivalent to that.
Must be 18 years of age or over.
Must obtain (or expecting) permission to enter Japan through legitimate procedure.
Have equivalent ability to Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5 or abobe.
Have guarantor who has the ability to pay of the tuition fee and expenses during study at our college, otherwise a student must pay that.

Application period

April Starter(2 Year Course) : 10/1-11/20(previous year)※
October Starter (1.5 Year Course) : 4/1-5/20 ※
(note)※ If you already have resident status (permanent resident, spouse of Japanese etc・spouse of permanent resident・settlers)already living in Japan, change of status of residence is unnecessary so each enrollment schedule Applications are possible up to about a month of the day.

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Contact Us

Contact Us:TEL.088-875-0099

Welcome to KOCHI

Kochi Prefecture stretches from east to west, seeming to embrace Tosa Bay, giving a strong impression of the sea.
Actually, though, 84% of the prefecture is covered in forests, making it the most forested prefecture in Japan.
Lots of sun, a mild climate, plenty of rain, and natural beauty, have given rise to delicious seasonal foods, culture, and the unique traits of the people. The bounties of the sea, vegetables, and rice can all be enjoyed at the peak of their freshness.

In the summer, people look forward to the "Yosakoi" festival. The event started in 1954 during postwar reconstruction to enliven the people and help local businesses prosper. Over 20,000 dancers participate, and the city is aflame with the passion the festival generates.

Kochi Prefecture also boasts the Niyodo River. Also called "Niyodo Blue," the pure water, nearly transparent, catches the light of the sun and the color of the sky, causing the river to shimmer a mysterious blue from the middle of August to January.

Other popular spots include the Sunday Market and the "Hirome Market," especially popular with sightseers. In the west of the prefecture, the last of the pure-water rivers in Japan, the Shimanto, flows. In April and May, the river is known for the over 500 carp streamers that can be seen billowing over the current.

In Kochi Prefecture, life can be enjoyed amidst nature, surrounded by the warmth of the people who call it home.









お問い合わせはこちらまで 入学相談専用フリーダイヤル 0120-81-4351
お問い合わせはこちらまで 入学相談専用フリーダイヤル 0120-81-4351